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Suzhou Boneng Furnace Technology Co., Ltd.,  established by several sophisticated professional experts in the industry, is engaged in R&D, manufacturing and contracting of non-ferrous metals industrial furnaces and related equipments. Boneng has a group of high-level professional engineers who have good knowledge of melting, casting and processing of aluminum, heat treatment and molten aluminum refining. In addition, they have many achievements and rich practical experiences in equipment manufacturing, installation, commissioning and management.

Boneng has followed closely the technical development of non-ferrous metals industrial furnaces and the related state-of-the-art technology through a wide cooperation with several scientific research institutes and some famous industrial furnace suppliers abroad. After many years’ practice, a lot of field installation and management experiences have been accumulated. Boneng is competent to provide its customers complete solutions and technical service in terms of fuel configuration and product processing operation for a single machine or a complete integrated production line system.

Focusing on middle and high end market, Suzhou Boneng Furnace Technology Co., Ltd. is well equipped to manufacture various types of customized aluminum melting and holding furnaces, slab and billet heating furnaces, heat treatment furnaces, scrap aluminum recycling furnaces. Boneng puts special attention on the reliability and other details of its products. Boneng’s products can meet customer’s requirements to the utmost with the following characteristics: advanced technology, reasonable structure, safe and easy for operation and nice-looking outline.

General Manager:

Chen Jianlin

Graduated from Kunming University of Science and Technology, majoring in metallurgical technology, Senior engineer.

He has been engaged in the industry more than 20 years and is a well-known expert in aluminium melting and casting technology in China.